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   Welcome to Smilin' Jack's Airport Page. This is an Aviation/Airline/Travel Directory that has only quality sites. This site honors Zack Mosley, creator of Smilin' Jack, the newspaper cartoon that ran from 1933 through 1973.

   I hope you enjoy this Aviation Directory. It's designed to load easy and navigate. Under Airlines are all the major world airlines. Under Airports are major world airports. Travel has a number of links to help you with your travel plans. Shopping has a variety of aviation companies. Homepages are a bunch of everything. Fun Flying is just flying. Servers are a number of links to find aviation stuff. Weather has a few good aviation weather sites...... All links that don't work anymore I pull out. New and changed sites are denoted by the small red airplane.   
    Before we go flying, don't forget to use a checklist..

 Smilin' Jack is owned by Dave Clark Classic Comics, and they are now publishing all of Smilin' Jack's Cartoons. Go to their site to find out more...they are great comics.

  Order original Smilin' Jack cartoon art 
From Jill Mosley, Zack Mosley's daughter.  

    A few friends have asked for my Startin' Page. Here it is.....Jack's Friends Startin' Page. Make it your home page....

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Jack Irwin, Retired 767 Captain, American Airlines.
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